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Free shell account Offers Shell Accounts and other hosting services to everyone worldwide. There are no special requirements to sign up for a free shell account. Signup is simple, and all accounts with valid user information are accepted.





Free Shell Account


The following features are included with all Free Shell Accounts:

  • Free web hosting using Apache, PHP 7 & 1 Mysql Database
  • IRC Access Including the usage of ZNC, Psybnc, Eggdrop, Wraith, Irssi, BitchX, and other IRC Clients.
  • Shell utilities to compile and run programs. We have¬† Python 2 & 3, Perl, GNU C/C++ Compiler, Ruby, and many more.
  • Access to 1 IPv4 address and 1 IPv6 Address
  • 10Mbps Port Speed
  • DDoS Protection

Free Accounts are hosted on and are limited to a single background process, 1 IRC Connection, and have a 250mb memory & disk space limit as well as a server-wide throttled port speed.

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Paid Shell Accounts


Paid shell accounts features:

  • 10+ Vhosted IPv4 Addresses and 40+ IPv6 Addresses
  • Web Hosting Included
  • NGINX Webserver with php7-fpm, Mysql,¬†
  • Smallest plan offers 1GB of disk space
  • No memory limit, IRC Connection Limit, or process restrictions (game servers, IRCd’s, Shoutcast, etc, Are allowed)
  • Faster server with more ram, CPU, and less overall users

Paid Shells start at $2.00/mo and are hosted on


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Virtual Private Servers Offers Virtual Private Servers for a nominal fee as low as $4.50/Mo. We offer both OpenVZ/LXC Containers and KVM Virtual private server hosting.

LXC based vps’s start at $3.50

KVM based vps’s start at $4.50/mo.


Features of our VPS Plans vary based on price, but all virtual private server’s hosted by offer these same features:

  • Snapshots on demand
  • Ability to add multiple IP Addresses
  • Automatic backups
  • 380Gbit DDoS Protection
  • Proxmox Control panel
  • 1Gbps unmetered ports


IRCD Shells Offers IRCD Shells for Unrealircd, Bahamut, Ratbox, Hybrid, InspIRCd, and many more IRCd Softwares. Our Shell server can handle hosting your server with our great uptime and reliability as well as the DDoS Protection you need.


Features of Our IRCD Shells are:

  • 4 Background processes – 1 IRCd, 1 Services, 2 Other
  • 1 DDoS Protected IPv4 Address
  • Unlimited IPv6 Addresses
  • 1024 Users
  • All of the features of Our Bronze shell package
  • $5.99 Per Month
  • Click Here to view our IRCD Shell Packages