All good things come to an end. is CLOSING on 4/12/20.

On 4/12/20 our server will go offline due to lack of payment and the bill will not be paid.
This means if you have important files ..... back them up now, because after 4/12 they will be GONE.

The client area is NON-FUNCTIONAL. Dont bother emailing, submitting a ticket, or anything like that.
I wont respond, but i might on facebook.

As for WHY is closing....

Ive simply lost interest in it. I cant afford the server, and im hella busy. People change, and ive changed.
It started over the summer and has lead to me practially spending about 10 hours since then maintaining
Its not fair to you guys and ive dragged it on in hopes something changes - but it hasnt..... and i doubt it will soon.

You might be asking 'what started over the summer that led the owner of to suddenly lose interest after 9 years'....
Well, ill tell you a little about it.
Since 2015 i have been raising my son on my own and since August 2018, my daughter as well. Their mother is a straight piece of shit by all standards as far as i am concerned and
that conclusion took a long time to be made. Our relationship has been over for a while, but we have 2 kids together so it doesnt just end there.
The problem with mom is DRUGS (heroin, crack, pills), and after being together with someone for 5 years and having kids.... its hard
to give up. Especially when they continually string you along saying they're gonna get clean, and go to rehab, and pretend. It definitely dragged
things out. So thats why im a single dad raising 2 kids and why i have them 92% of the time (or more).... and having a 2 year old, a full time job
and .... "a huge legal headache caused by a dopefiend bitch with a lawyer because mommy and grandma pay for it"....... is whats led me to
lose interest. Why in july? Because in july my kids mom relapsed after 9 or 10 months clean and she had overnights with them. It had to change
and it started a huge legal battle. Since august ive had more than 15 court dates. Ive had a restraining order against her. she violated it like 18 times
so i filed for contempt. She hurt our daughter.... down there. during a supervised visit. So i changed the supervisor. She quit visiting, but
she called CPS with false allegations. She lied in court, the court believed her. I had a trial for the DVRO, and i have the contempt trial coming up... then
a trial for custody and visitation in july. Ive been fighting a battle so stressful, so tough, and so heartbreaking
that its led to me suffering personally due to the anxiety and stress.
Rather than spend my free time doing fun things, or even maintaining, i spend my *extra* time doing legal research to protect my kids
From being exposed to domestic violence, drugs, and their piece of shit mother. Because if i dont, and if i DIDNT, i would have lost them to someone
who cant keep the needle out of their arm..... simply because she has a lawyer and i dont.
So is going offline. Maybe it will happen someday, maybe its forever. Im too busy, too broke, too stressed, and too "just not interested in it any more"
Sorry. Other shit is more important.

- mra