Free shell Accounts

Free shell account Offers Free Shell Accounts to everyone worldwide. There are no requirements to sign up for a free shell account. Signup is simple, and all accounts with valid user information are accepted.

Free Shell Account:


Included with all free linux shell account’s is: Free web hosting w/ Apache 2.4/PHP5/Mysql, IRC Access, znc, psybnc, eggdrop, shell utilities to compile programs, python, perl, GNU C Compiler, and many more features.

Free Accounts are hosted on and are limited to a single background process, 1 IRC Connection, and have a 250mb memory & disk space limit.

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Paid Shell Accounts:


Paid shell accounts offer much more than the free accounts: Multiple vhosted IPv4/IPv6 addresses, NGINX Webserver w/ php5-fpm & mysql, More account space, and most importantly increased processes, no memory limit, and no process restrictions (game servers, IRCd’s, Shoutcast, etc, Are allowed)

Paid Shells start at $2.00/mo and are hosted on


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Virtual Private Servers Offers Virtual Private Servers for a nominal fee as low as $4.50/Mo. We offer both OpenVZ/LXC Containers and KVM Virtual private server hosting.

  • LXC based vps’s start at $4.50
  • KVM based vps’s start at $5.00/mo.


Features of our VPS Plans vary based on price, but all virtual private server’s hosted by offer these same features:

  • Snapshots on demand
  • Ability to add multiple IP Addresses
  • Automatic backups
  • 380Gbit DDoS Protection
  • Proxmox Control panel
  • 1Gbps unmetered ports


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