Frequently Asked Questions absolutely does not help users configure the software in their accounts. It is expected of you to have the skills and knowledge to maintain your account and software. In the event you would like a custom configuration and account management we will do so for a $15 one time fee.


That being said, if there is an issue with the server configuration or something is not right with the server that we provide, feel free to submit a ticket.


Here are some of the most common issues that i am asked repeatedly….


Problem 1 –  My SSH Login does not work:

  1. You can log in to the control panel located at and create, rename, and change the password of your shell account using the web interface. If you have a paid account, the correct url is
  2.  You tried the wrong password too many times and now the firewall is blocking you. You must now wait 1 hour, sorry.
  3.  90% of the time a user complains that their SSH login does not work, it does in fact work and the problem is existing between the keyboard and chair (pebkac). Please ensure that you are logging in at the correct place with the correct SSH Login details that are sent in the welcome email with the subject of ‘Shell Login Details’


Problem 2 – I lost my password and cant reset it (or i changed it and cant log in now):

  1. We disabled password resets in ISPConfig, so of course you cant reset it. You must submit a ticket to have it changed, and we most likely will just resend the original welcome email.
  2. If you changed your ISPConfig Password through WHMCS, and now you are locked out of ISPConfig your password did not meet the security requirements. Please repeat the password change with a longer, 8 character password that has at least one number and symbol.


Problem 3 – All my stuff keeps getting killed

  1. Free Shell accounts get 1 IRC connection and you cant use too much cpu or ram, run any game servers, shoutcast, irc servers, etc. Users like to try anyway, so we simply implemented methods to prevent it automatically. If you don’t like it, upgrade and your problem is solved.
Problem 4 – Account in pending state
  1.  If you signed up for a free shell account you must activate your account through our irc channel by typing !accept <order id> you can find detailed instructions in the order confirmation email that is sent when you sign up. Check your email.
  2. You ordered a paid service and did not pay OR for some reason the automatic creation module failed. This can happen if you have a + in your email address, enter a space in the domain field, or simply because it’s not a good day. This applies only to shell accounts, for VPS’S see #3.
  3. Vps’s, and VPN accounts take up to 24 hours to be activated due to it being a manual process. For faster activation submit a ticket.
Q: I need help, where is your support?
1. We offer limited support for free accounts. We do not offer support for third party applications such as eggdrop or znc.
2. Paid users will get some minor support for configuration issues but in general, we only offer support for issues with the sever itself. All of our services are self-managed, meaning it is up to the client to have the knowledge how to use their account. Essentially, we provide the platform for you, its up to you from there. You can contact us on in or via our ticket system. Users may help you via our irc channel.
Q: I signed up, but now my account doesn’t exist.
  1. We may have marked your account as fraud, which is very common. Any client who registers an account with us, paid or free, is required to give us their real name, address, and phone number which we sometimes do attempt to verify. We also check the geographic location of the ip in relation to the billing information and if there is not a match, we will remove the account by marking it as fraud. We also check for users connecting from VPN services, proxies, and TOR and remove most accounts created from non-residential IP addresses. Clients who have an account marked as fraud are not welcome to sign up again, even after correcting their information.
  2.  Your account may have been removed for inactivity, try signing up again with your email and seeing if you have an account on record in the billing panel. It will show the status of any account.
  3. In the event a malicious user actually reads this FAQ wondering why their account is gone, it may have been deleted due to malicious activities.
Q: I received my login details email but I get access denied when I try to ssh to the server.
A: The username and password sent in the welcome email are for your SSH login. Those are the only details that will work for you to SSH to the server. All the information you need is in that email.
The username and password you choose at signup for the your account ARE NOT LOGIN DETAILS FOR SSH. They are login details to the WHMCS billing panel.
Upon your account becoming active, you will receive an email with a subject line of “Free Shell Account Login Details” that contains your SSH and ISPConfig Login details as well as the server information.
Q: What is the ip/domain for ssh, ftp, mail, or dns?
Free Accounts will use use, or for mail you can use
Paid Accounts in North America can use, or For mail you can use
Paid Accounts in the European location can use, or For mail you can use
Q: Can I use freeshells to…. run an eggdrop, bnc, or for development, etc.
A: Yes, allows eggdrops, psybnc’s, znc, and other bouncer/irc software to be run in the background. We do not allow IRC Servers, Game servers, shoutcast, or Commercial (for a profit) software to be ran on our free server.
Q: Do I need to use a freeshells subdomain or can I use my own?
A: You can use your own domain, sub domain, or a free domain from dns providers such as freenom or You can also use your own domain for email only if you wish. Simply point your domain to our main ip. You can even put a totally made up domain like ‘’ if you wish.
Q: Why do I need to create a website in the panel even if I don’t plan on having a website? I just want a shell!
A: This is the way ispconfig works, and we cant change it. Creating the website creates your home directory, and you
Must have a home directory to have a shell account. Some users do want to use these features and we feel offering ISPConfig as part of our service offering gives users more than simply a command line. Plus, it makes managing everything easier for us.
Q: I forgot my password
A: In the event you forget your password you cannot reset it. You must submit a ticket in the billing system. If you do manage to change your password through the billing system, it may not work if it does not meet ISPConfig’s security requirements and lock you out of ISPConfig. IF you manage to find the password reset, make sure your password is at least 8 characters long and includes upper and lower case letters as well as numbers.
Q: Do you backup user data?
A: We do have backups, but they are not for the users. In the event of a server catastrophe the server will be restored to the last good backup unless we want to upgrade to a newer version of debian. Your account may or may not be intact.
Q: Can you install a certain package for me?
A: Yes, just pm me via irc or via a ticket and I will. There are some packages I will not install such as java. Most packages can be installed locally and if you wish to do this, go right ahead. hint: ./configure –prefix=$HOME
Q: Do you give out sudo or other root access?
A: WE DO NOT GIVE SUDO OR ROOT ACCESS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TO OUR SERVERS, buy your own vps or server if you want/need root access. We will even sell you one for as low as $4.50 per month. That being said, PLEASE quit blindly following tutorials online prefixed with ‘sudo’, chances are you can skip that part because we already have most things installed.
If you have an application you are compiling, try the ./configure command with –prefix=$HOME (./configure –prefix=$HOME) and then when you run ‘make install’ it will install the application into your home directory.
Q: Can i change my website domain in ISPConfig?
A: Yes, simply change it and click save. Your existing website will not be deleted
Q: Can i change my SSH username?
A: Yes, but there is a bug in ISPConfig that doesnt give your home directory permissions. Submit a ticket after you do so for a permissions correction.
Q: Where is PhpMyAdmin, or a webmail client?
A: You can access PhpMyAdmin by visiting:
You can find webmail at:

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