Vhosts and IP’s

Freeshells.org has around 30 IPv4 Addresses between all of our servers. FREE users are intentionally restricted to using 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6 address.

Users may purchase an IRC Bouncer for $1 a month to get access to the Vhosts on super.freeshells.org


Current Vhost list for war.freeshells.org

Main IP: (war.freeshells.org)

IPv6 IP: 2001:470:66:324::2


Current Vhost List for super.freeshells.org

Main IP: (super.freeshells.org)

Main IPv6: 2001:470:1f06:469::2 DNS: tunnel300290-pt.tunnel.tserv4.nyc4.ipv6.he.net.
IPv6: 2001:470:88a4::a9 DNS: Mail.super.freeshells.org.
IPv6: 2001:470:88a4::9801 DNS: manginginom.b33r.us.
IPv6: 2001:470:88a4::9803 DNS: am.sadayuki.jp.
IPv6: 2001:470:88a4::9802 DNS: nakatira.qc.to.
IPv6: 2001:470:88a4::8 DNS: i.like.to.growbud.org.
IPv6: 2001:470:88a4::7 DNS: can.you.growbud.org.
IPv6: 2001:470:88a4::6 DNS: growbud.org.
IPv6: 2001:470:88a4::9 DNS: i.can.growbud.net.
IPv6: 2001:470:88a4::f2 DNS: you.think.you.can.really.h4ck.me.
IPv6: 2001:470:88a4::f4 DNS: your.a.lame.if.your.using.win-do.ws.
IPv6: 2001:470:88a4::f3 DNS: irc.security.guardz.ru.
IPv6: 2001:470:88a4::f5 DNS: just.stfu.no.talking.allowed.org.
IPv6: 2001:470:88a4::f6 DNS: cia.and.fbi.punked.us.
IPv6: 2001:470:88a4::4 DNS: she.cheated.then.got.strangled.net.
IPv6: 2001:470:88a4::a001 DNS: always.powered-by-weed.org.
IPv6: 2001:470:88a4::9801 DNS: Did.it.but.cant.undo.it.
IPv6: 2001:470:88a4::a8 DNS: can.we.just.ddos.im.

IPv4: DNS: super.freeshells.org
IPv4: DNS: lets.all.growbud.net.
IPv4: DNS: make.pr0fit.sell-bitcoin.net.
IPv4: DNS: bit.coin-miner.net.
IPv4: DNS: cant.ddos.ddosprotectedhost.com.
IPv4: DNS: irc.baraduke.com.
IPv4: DNS: cant.ddos.my.psybnc.org.
IPv4: DNS: wish.you.had.my.ircbox.org.

Current Vhost list for abandoned.freeshells.org


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