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Account Registration

We require that all accounts be filled with valid information. Improper/invalid account information may lead to delays in order processing, and any account created with blatantly false or incomplete information will be marked as fraud.

All new accounts are manually reviewed upon creation. Accounts with false information will be marked as fraud and the client will be prohibited from signing up for services in the future. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

First & Last Name

Clients must provide their full legal First and Last (family/surname) name. Registering an account under any name other than your own is prohibited, and the account will be marked as fraud.

Email Address

Clients must provide a valid email address. Addresses made for the specific purpose of signing up for the account will not be accepted.

Address1 / Address2, City, State/Region, Postal Code

All clients must enter a valid residential address, city, state/region, and postal code. If you are not sure how to enter it in english you may enter it in your native language.

Phone Number

A phone number is optional.

IRC Activation

IRC Activation is required for FREE Accounts only.

To Activate via IRC:

  • Sign up for a free shell account
  • Check your email for an email with a subject of 'order confirmation'
  • Read the email
  • Find your ORDER ID (NOT your order number)
  • ORDER ID is 5 numbers
  • Join IRC. We are located at in - You can use mIRC, mibbit, xchat, etc to connect. You do NOT use a web browser to connect to the chat room unless you are using mibbit or kiwiIRC
  • When you join our chatroom, type !accept <ORDER ID> IE: !accept 10400
  • You will receive a message from super stating your account was created, or that it failed, and you will then receive an email with your username and password.
  • NOTE: Orders not activated within 2 days will be cancelled and you will need to start over.