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Free Shell Accounts

  • Free accounts are hosted on This server has low uptime, a limited port speed, and 1 IPv4 and IPv6 Address as well as about 1000 other users using it. This means that most IRC networks such as dalnet, undernet, freenode and efnet have already reached the maximum number of allowed connections from war. This is not an issue we can resolve other than by adding additional IP's which we do not intend to do.

Free Shell Account

  • 1 Background Process
  • 250 Mb of Disk space
  • 250 Mb of ram usage
  • 1 IRC Connection
  • Access to 1 IPv4 & 1 IPv6 Address
  • 10Mbps Port speed
  • DDoS Protection
  • Access to ISPConfig Control Panel
  • Web hosting (LAMP) - 1 Mysql Database and domain


  • 4 Background Processes
  • 1GB disk space
  • No Memory Limit
  • Unlimited IRC Connections
  • Access to 10 Ipv4 and 40 IPv6 Addresses
  • 1 Gbps Port speed
  • DDoS Protection
  • Access to ISPConfig Control Panel
  • Web hosting (LAMP) - 4 Mysql Databases and domain
  • Separate, faster Server from FREE Accounts
  • IRCd allowed with purchase of dedicated ip
  • $2.50 per month

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Super Shell Package

  • Access to 4 Different shell servers - mini, andromeda, super, and
  • 2 Background processes per server (total of 8 background processes)
  • Access to 17 IPv4 addresses and 50 IPv6 Addresses
  • Same features as Bronze Package in each shell server.
  • $5 per month

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Virtual Private Servers

  • VPS's are hosted in Canada and are offered for users wishing to have full root access. Our virtual servers are unmanaged, meaning you are on your own to handle the configuration of your vps, and are offered with 1gbps unmetered connections, dedicated ram and cpu.

IRCd Shells

  • IRCd Shells are the same as a Bronze Shell Account except you are allowed to bind an IRCd to 1 ip address. Bronze or Multi-Shell Accounts can upgrade to an IRCd shell at any time by adding an addon ip for $3.50 per month

Web Hosting

  • Web Hosting packages are not given SSH access and are geared towards clients wishing to host their personal or business sites. All packages give generous resources and features that you would find at large web hosts, but without the special gimmicks that come with them.