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Using your Shell Account

Shell Accounts are able to do quite a lot, but there are restrictions as well.


  • 1 background process
  • 10% cpu usage limit. Clients using more than 10% of the available CPU for more than 10 minutes will have all of their processes terminated.
  • 250 Mb Ram limit. Clients will not be able to exceed 250mb of ram being used by their applications.
  • 1 IRC Connection. Clients exceeding 1 connection will have all of their processes terminated.
  • Clients may not log in multiple accounts from the same IP address. This includes changing your username and cancelling your account and making a new one. Clients will have their shell user deleted and will show an 'active' account in the billing panel if this occurs.
  • Automation: IRC Connection Limit, Process limit, CPU Usage limit, and Multi-Account Limits are automated processes and will be handled automatically. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the above restrictions.

Website Hosting

Shell Access

  • Run IRC-related programs such as PsyBNC, ZNC, Eggdrop, Irssi, BitchX, Wraith, etc.
  • Develop and run programs in python, perl, ruby, C, C++, PHP
  • SSH tunneling/forwarding
  • Most libraries already installed for python and other common applications.

SFTP Access

  • Upload & Download files to your account

IRC Access

  • 1 IRC Connection per Free shell account
  • oidentd for IDENT authentication
  • DDoS Protected, up to 380Gbps