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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently encountered problems are answered here. Please read this page fully if you are having issues with our service.

  • Q: How does your support work?
    • Our goal is to ensure our infrastructure is working properly.
    • Please do not submit tickets asking for help configuring the software you would like to install in your account. We expect that when you sign up for a service you either know what you are doing or you are willing to take the time to learn by finding and using tutorials or reading the documentation. If you would simply like to have software configured for you, we can do it for $15.
    • You can ask for help configuring software in our IRC chatroom on irc.rizon.net in #freeshells.org
    • Support is provided in English only
    • We will gladly answer any other inquiries in our ticket system, which can be found by clicking this link

  • Q: I cant log in
    • There are several areas of freeshells.org that have separate usernames and passwords. You will have a login for the billing system, ISPConfig, and for your SSH login. VPS clients will also have a proxmox login.
    • If you forget any of these logins or passwords, submit a ticket

  • Q: I cant log in to SSH
    • Clients using windows should use Putty to SSH to the server.
    • Clients using a desktop linux distro should use the terminal and 'ssh' command.
    • Clients using an Android device should download and use JuiceSSH from the play store.
    • Clients using an Apple device should break it and buy something better.
    • When connected to the server enter the username and password that was emailed to you. If you cannot log in, Please follow the steps on How to edit your SSH username and password

  • Q: All my processes keep getting killed (FREE SHELL USERS ONLY)
    • Please view Using your shell account and review the Restrictions outlined.
    • The server may have simply rebooted, try typing 'w' or 'uptime' in the shell and see. If it hasn't rebooted you have fallen victim to the CPU usage or IRC connection limit enforcement.

  • Q: I signed up, but now my account doesn't exist... WHY?
    • FREE accounts are terminated after 90 days of inactivity. This is checked by looking at the date of last login via SSH and website activity if applicable.
    • Account marked 'Fraud' - This usually happens when invalid billing details are provided at signup, after an account is created.
    • Deleted due to abuse.

  • Q: How do i point my domain to your servers
    • We do not have name servers such as 'ns1.freeshells.org'
    • Using your registrar's web interface, create an A entry pointing at the main ip of the server hosting your website.

  • Q: Why dont you have nameservers
    • We do not have nameservers because of the cost of setting up DNS servers that are redundant, geographically distributed, or maintained at the level of a registrar or dns service.
    • A specialized DNS Hosting service such as Cloudflare, Zoneedit, Afraid.org, and especially your registrar will have better DNS servers than a small Hosting provider like us and in the event we experience downtime your domain will not be affected.
    • I have never believed that the website host should also host DNS and that it should always be 'off site', unfortunately Cpanel has set a widespread and common precedent of this horrible practice and it is typically clients used to using Cpanel asking this question.

  • Q: Do you backup Clients Data
    • We have weekly backups of all user data in our shell servers. We do not back up VPS's

  • Q: What do you do with Client information such as name, address, phone number or email
    • We do not share your data with anyone for any reason.
    • Except, we will respond to subpoena's from law enforcement within jurisdiction of Freeshells.org (USA) OR the servers. This has never happened, yet.
    • We will send you emails asking you to upgrade from a free account to a bronze account or VPS every once in awhile.

  • Q: Can you install a certain package for me
    • Yes, we absolutely can install any missing libraries or packages you may need. Simply submit a ticket and ask us.

  • Q: Can i change my website domain
    • Yes, simply log in to ispconfig and select your website then change the domain and click save.
    • Existing data will not be deleted

  • Q: Can i change my SSH username
    • Free users are not allowed to change their username although it is possible to do so. The account will be deleted for multiple logins from the same ip.
    • To change your username log in to ispconfig and select command line, then select your username and change it.

  • Q: Can i have sudo or root access

  • Q: I purchased a VPS and reinstalled the distribution, but how do i configure networking?

Sample /etc/network/interfaces

 auto ens18
   iface ens18 inet static
   post-up ip route add dev ens18
   post-up ip route add default via