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Using your Shell Account

Free Shell Accounts are able to do quite a lot, but there are restrictions as well.


  • 1 background process
  • 10% cpu usage limit. Clients using more than 10% of the available CPU for more than 6-10 minutes will have all of their processes terminated.
  • 250 Mb Ram limit. Clients will not be able to exceed 250mb of ram being used by their applications.
  • 1 IRC Connection. Clients exceeding 1 connection will have all of their processes terminated.
  • Clients may not log in to multiple accounts from the same IP address. This includes changing your username and cancelling your account and making a new one. Clients will have their shell user deleted but will still show an 'active' account in the whmcs billing panel if this occurs.
  • Automation: IRC Connection Limit, Process limit, CPU Usage limit, and Multi-Account Limits are automated processes and will be handled automatically. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the above restrictions, if you get your account deleted for multiple accounts you will not be allowed to use our services any longer.

      • Paid Accounts do not have any of the above restrictions ***

Website Hosting

Shell Access

  • Run IRC-related programs such as PsyBNC, ZNC, Eggdrop, Irssi, BitchX, Wraith, etc.
  • Develop and run programs in python, perl, ruby, C, C++, PHP
  • SSH tunneling/forwarding [ No longer allowed on free server since feb 2019 ]
  • Most packages/libraries already installed for python and other common applications.

SFTP Access

  • Upload & Download files to your account

IRC Access

  • 1 IRC Connection per Free shell account
  • oidentd for IDENT authentication, submit ticket if you want to use the identfile feature of oidentd for a custom ident.
  • DDoS Protected, up to 1Tbps (OVH)